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Recent Stuff

Days in my odd life. I’ll just post random stuff here, as the days go.

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Just Showing Off

May 15, 2022 Busty, leggy.. but still some belly left. Working on it.. believe me.

Just Hanging Out

May 29, 2022 I sooo remember this day so well. Home alone.. got to do my hair, makeup, waxing and lotion. Slipped on something slinky and fell in love with myself. Not enough days like this.


May 29, 2022 Nothing wrong with showing a little attitude, I’m actually a bit shy, but I hide it.

Stick that bum out

June 5, 2022 Photography is all about lighting and hitting the right angle. Oh… and attitude,

Slinky Sheer

June 18, 2022 I know.. I do this kind of shot, often. Because it’s sexy. Yup.. sexy…

New Blue Shoes

June 18, 2022 My first pair is blue heels. Took a leap of faith with this style, but I think they’re super cute. I’m over 6 foot, with these on.

Rawkin Silver

June 19, 2022 One of my favourite, body hugging, slinky pieces. What can I say?


June 19, 2022 Teasing, but tasteful. Showing off the curves. lol

Just an old shirt

June 19, 2022 Heels and one of my old “man” shirts. I guess some stuff is still worth keeping.

Bitch Boots

June 19, 2022 Got these boots from a special friend. My first pair, and certainly not my last.


June 25, 2022 I tried a few new techniques with makeup. Not sure if it’s a “me” look. I think I like a more subtle look.

Fuzzy Slippers

June 26, 2022 Always wanted a pair of heels like these. How do they look?

Blue, Blue, Blue

June 26, 2022 From tits to toes, doing the blue. Pardon my fat bum.


June 26, 2022 Just popped my chubby butt up, on the counter top. Silk pannies.. lol


July 4, 2022 I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! LOL I can be a screwball.

Mixin’ it up

July 5,  2022 Couldn’t decide what color I was into today. So.. It kinda works.

Me on TV

July 5,  2022 Tried out a new idea for shots. Stripper heels.. he he

Looking Cheeky

July 5, 2022 On the sofa with my chubby butt. Wanna join me?


July 6,  2022 When a good friend saw this pic, she called me a little whore. LOL See.. I can be slutty, sometimes.


July 6,  2022 A man works from sun to sun.. a woman’s work is never done. All that lingerie takes time to look after.

Oh.. you’re home..

July 6,  2022 Hi honey. How was your day? Can I get you anything?

Hot Day

July 6,  2022 I just slipped into something more comfortable. Is that ok?

Feeling Loungy

July 6,  2022 I adore my new fuzzy mules. They’re actually quite comfy. I think I’ll get a pair in black.

Ms Slut

July 9,  2022 Was told I look like a hooker in this outfit. I prefer “high priced call girl”. lol

One HOT Day

July 9,  2022 It was crazy hot in the house this day. When it gets like that, this is usually the way I can be found, in my house. Some days, it’s just heels and earrings.. giggle.

Coming Soon.

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Mikki Olivia Cross


Lovely Locks

Jan 30, 2022 I’ve been growing out my hair for almost a year now. I’m finally at the point I can shed the wigs and style it I’m a natural brunette and my hair has reddish highlights. It feels like silk on my skin and I just love it. When it’s down to my ass, I might consider a trim.

Recent Stuff

Days in my odd life. I’ll just post random stuff here, as the days go.
Painted digits Jan 30, 2022 I love playing with new nail polish colors. Today it’s hooker red, with sparkles, on fingers and toes. . What color next time.. Hmmm…

A little shimmer.

Jan 30, 2022 A lot of ladies have a thing for gold and diamonds. Personally.. I think that look is tacky. I love silver and rubys, emeralds or sapphire. Chrome heels… too cute!


Dec 10, 2021 I really don’t have hang ups about my body and being exposed. Hang ups about nudity is generally a religious construct. Humans across the globe, all have the same parts, in various forms and sizes. I mean, as long as I’m not walking around in public with my wanger hanging out, what harm is being a little naked? Hmm.. sounds fun though, doesn’t it? LOL