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Some older posts…

Some Older stuff… I take thousands of photos, but only post the ones I like the most. My site.. my choice.

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Mar 19, 2022 I remodelled my wash room a few years ago. I do spend a lot of time in there, so why not take a few pics. Love my jet tub…

New Bling!

Mar 25, 2022 Just got my nipples re-pierced. I made a deal and got rid of them, a long time ago. But I always missed having them. Bring on the jewellery.

Like a virgin

Apr 9, 2022 I’m no virgin.. But I can look the part. Despite the slutty heels.


Mar 19, 2022 New shade of lipstick. Kinda goes with the nightie. Are those my legs? Holy Shit! LOL

Pull my hair!

Mar 19, 2022 I’ll leave the photo description up to you. Little lace socks.. uh huh.

Airing it all out

Apr 9, 2022 Clothing is always optional here. Hope you don’t mind.


Apr 9, 2022 This kitty likes to pounce. I am a leo, afterall.


Apr 9, 2022 I have moments when I look and act geeky. Nerd Alert!

Leg man

Apr 9, 2022 Several ladies, over the years have told me that I have nice legs. I had no idea until I started wearing heels every day. Still getting compliments. LOL

Black sheerness

Apr 9, 2022 I do love many colors.. but I always end up back to black. Classy and slutty, all at once.

New Stuff

Apr 15, 2022 I’ve been buying a lot of new lingerie pieces lately. This little thing is so pretty.

Lacy Undies

Apr 15, 2022 Lacy undergarments are so much fun. See?

No Rules

Apr 15, 2022 Black corset and white stilettos. Why the hell not? My stuff.. my choice.

Fishnet flasher

Apr 15, 2022 I love the look and feel of fishnet stockings. They sometimes make my pee pee pop out. ha ha ha


Apr 15, 2022 I love wearing cute panties, almost as much as I love taking them off. Yeah.. I’m a tease… so what!


Apr 23, 2022 They are getting bigger. All natural.

How doers get more


Apr 23, 2022 Hi, I’m Mikki, can I help you find anything? Is that a screwdriver in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?


Apr 30, 2022 From tits to toe nails. I love wearing red. Matching strappy heels, of course.

Mixing it up

Apr 15, 2022 I have this same lingerie in 6 colors. It’s light, sheer, flowy and showy. More shopping to do.


May 1, 2022 I always feel pretty in pink. Whatcha think?

The norm

May 15, 2022 This is pretty much how I am when I’m home. Soft and comfy nightie and heels. Hair down, usually.


May 15, 2022 I took a leap to blue lingerie and it’s becoming a favourite color.. or one of them. I usually avoided blue, in the past. Now I look for cute blueness. Blue heels are hard to find. LOL

Cute little things.

May 1, 2022 I’ve been adding little accessories to my wardrobe. A cute little hair clip and stocking with bows. It’s fun being a girl.

Shoe Addicted..

May 15, 2022 I never understood women’s addiction with shoes until I started wearing them every day. 30+ pairs and counting.

Off.. Works…

May 15, 2022 There’s nothing quite like the feeling of no panties on, under a soft, flowy nightie. I only wear them, to take them off. he he

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News Archive

Back In Black

Dec 20, 2021 I went rooting through my closet and I do have a lot of black stuff. Black always works…