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Some older posts…

Some Older stuff… I take thousands of photos, but only post the ones I like the most. My site.. my choice.

Play Time

Dec 20, 2021 Home alone.. feeling a little frisky. The toys came out. Funny how so many of my toys are pink. Looks like I managed to get a little tail.

Showing off

Dec 6, 2021 Some days, I’m just in the mood to be a bit of a show off. I guess there’s a bit of exhibitionist in me. While doing this shoot, the room got a bit warm, so off came everything except the garter, stockings and heels. In the summer, I sometimes spend the day like this. Sometimes, I even close the curtains in the windows. “:Þ


Dec 11, 2021 True that I do feel more myself, when I’m feminine. But I’m also a man most of the time. I’m quite comfortable being both.

Playing with the camera

Dec 12, 2021 Occasionally, when I’m home alone. I get to pull out my camera and get creative. I love the Femme Fatale look that this wig makes.


Dec 12, 2021 Somewhere, several months ago, I made the leap into corsets. I’ve always loved the look of a lacy corset. First attempt it was just a bit too small, (incentive to lose a few pounds). I could have returned it, but decided to use the motivation to shed some of that Covid belly. Yes, from time to time, my tiny tittie pops out. So what!

Sheer Joy

Dec 6, 2021 I love playing with fabrics and seeing what I can do with them, to add to an image. I think this turned out just right.

I have Boobies

Dec 6, 2021 I came across a product that, when applied, it makes my boobs grow. Don’t get me started on body waxing.. YIKES!


Dec 10, 2021 I really don’t have hang ups about my body and being exposed. Hang ups about nudity is generally a religious construct. Humans across the globe, all have the same parts, in various forms and sizes. I mean, as long as I’m not walking around in public with my wanger hanging out, what harm is being a little naked? Hmm.. sounds fun though, doesn’t it? LOL

I adore red… don’t you?

Dec 6, 2021 I took a loving to red, decades ago. I wore a red top one day and had 3 compliments on how it looked on me. Since then, red is a standard in my wardrobe.. and my decor. Yes, I know.. I’m only wearing white heels and stockings, but my bedding is red… so there.


Dec 5, 2021 Let’s just tuck that right in there and keep it safe. Hmm.. garters may be in order.

New leggings

Oct 17, 2021 Lingerie has always been my thing. But occasionally, I love to put on street clothes and really get into the she of me. Had to check me out in the mirror. Damn, my ass looks good!

I have a pink thing

Sept 6, 2021 Not sure at what point in my life, the color pink became a thing for me. I always loved seeing the girls dressed all pink and cute. Since diving in, fully, to my femme side, I’ve embraced the color and claim it as my go to look. First pair of ladies shoes I bought were 5” pink pumps. Hard as hell to walk in, but fuck, they look and feel amazing!

The Tootsies

Nov 21, 2021 Always have my toenails painted. Chrome polish and toe rings.. too fun!

Feeling Blue

Nov 28, 2021 Sometimes I get a bit Photoshop crazy and just go to town with some of the filters. Ended up with blue hair, this time. Oh.. if you’re offended by my little weener.. fuck off!


Nov 29, 2021 I was curious to see me.. as a blonde. Jury is still out on the blonde thing. I’m a natural brunette, with redish highlights. I’ve seen a bunch of pink, cosplay wigs. That just may be my jam.

Shoe Thing

Aug 23, 2021 Bought these heels on a whim. I was surprised at how well they looked on me. Gladiator heels… Aint that a kick?


Dec 27, 2021 When I come across a lingerie item I love, such as this one. I usually go back to shopping and get more in other colors. The red item, 2 panels over it just what that is. Funny how I seem to have heels to match my little lacy things.

Lovely Locks

Jan 30, 2022 I’ve been growing out my hair for almost a year now. I’m finally at the point I can shed the wigs and style it I’m a natural brunette and my hair has reddish highlights. It feels like silk on my skin and I just love it. When it’s down to my ass, I might consider a trim.

Black & White

Dec 20, 2021 Occasionally I’ll do a shot in black & white. The monochrome look can be dramatic. Yes.. that’s my “stuff”.

A little shimmer.

Jan 30, 2022 A lot of ladies have a thing for gold and diamonds. Personally.. I think that look is tacky. I love silver and rubys, emeralds or sapphire. Chrome heels… too cute!


Dec 26, 2021 This side of me has become the dominant part of my daily reality. I tried to suppress it for so many years. This pic, pretty much punctuates who I am.


Dec 26, 2021 Part of the reason I whipped up this site is so that I can feel free to express myself, verbally, as well as through my photography. Yes, nudity is part of that expression. I don’t know which I have more disdain for.. religion or prudishness. They pretty much go hand in hand.

Basic Black

Dec 6, 2021 So much of my girl stuff is in black. It does work though.

Tucky Tucky

Feb 5, 2022 Not the most comfortable way to sit, but the look of no pee pee hanging out is certainly a feminine presentation of my body. Feeling pretty cute here.

Lovely Locks

Jan 30, 2022 I’ve been growing out my hair for almost a year now. I’m finally at the point I can shed the wigs and style it I’m a natural brunette and my hair has reddish highlights. It feels like silk on my skin and I just love it. When it’s down to my ass, I might consider a trim.

Feeling Flirty

Feb 5, 2022 Some days, I’m jut in a mood to flirt. Fishnets, corset and pumps. Looks flirty to me.

Who needs panties?

Jan 1, 2022 Panties just come off sometimes. What can I say?

Painted digits

Jan 30, 2022 I love playing with new nail polish colors. Today it’s hooker red, with sparkles, on fingers and toes. What color next time.. Hmmm…

Hello 2022

Jan 1, 2022 Well.. the shit heap of 2021 is passed. I do have hopes for 2022. The Number 22 has always been a lucky number for me. I think naked is a great way to start.

Home Alone

Jan 1, 2022 It’s not that often that I have time at home to myself. When I do, I’ll often break out my camera gear and document my day. I decided to use some of my backdrops to get that “studio” look. I did get some really nice photos today. Here’s one of them.

New and Blue

Jan 9, 2022 I’ve never really liked wearing blue, but some shades just speak to me. I took the leap and ordered this little satin nightie, in peacock blue. With my light skin, I thing it looks delish. Now.. to find some matching heels.


Feb 6, 2022 This white fabric is one of my favourite to play with. It hides just a little, but remains revealing. Peek-a-boo!

White is tight!

Feb 27, 2022 I’ve been playing a lot with white outfits, of late. The lack of color really accentuates the tone of skin and hair. White isn’t just for virgins, you know.

Facebook Jail

Feb 27, 2022 Some shit heel man made a rude comment on one of my Facebook posts, asking me to show him my naked suit. I actually happens a lot. I blocked him and posted this pic, saying “Another man blocked”. FB decided this was inappropriate and locked me up for 24 hours. Thing is.. if a penis or a butt hole is exposed, that’s ok. But a bare nipple gets you in shit. Facebook… FU Zuckerberg.

Pretty Nails

Feb 5, 2022 I love having my nails painted. I do my own, of course, and I’m getting pretty good ate it. Rarely do I have the same color on my fingers as I do my toes.. and that just feels fun. Pink and red.. uh huh..


Feb 27, 2022 Just a shirt and heels. Less can be more.


Feb 27, 2022 The right angle, a little arm nudge and presto! Hooters. Bet you can’t eat just one.

Goof Ball

Mar 12, 2022 Sometimes I’m just silly. That’s ok, right?

Sexy Pants

Feb 27, 2022 I’m finally getting together a collection of cute street wear. These pleather leggings are tight and sexy. Too fun…


Mar 17, 2022 Sometimes I can’t help but get turned on, when I dress up, girly. Ok.. I am a bit of a show off. So what.

New Corset

March 17, 2022 Waited for weeks for this corset to arrive. I’m getting quite a collection of white lingerie. I am wearing panties.. little ones. LOL

Good Hair Day

Mar 18, 2022 It’s taken me about a year to get my hair to where I like it. The hair clip is a nice touch.. I think. Panties are always optional.


Mar 19, 2022 Feeling a little nutty here. Punny, I know.

Hand me downs

Mar 18, 2022 My awesome friend, Rachel, had some shoes to give away. This isn’t a style that I would have chosen for myself, but everyone thought they were really sexy. New shoes.. ex wife approved.

Color Splash

Mar 19, 2022 This little nightie is rose red. Not quite red, not quite pink. Either way, I think this color is delicious. Now.. to find matching heels.

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Coming Soon.

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Coming Soon.

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Back In Black

Dec 20, 2021 I went rooting through my closet and I do have a lot of black stuff. Black always works…